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The story of Hana

It all began when Melissa's three week old baby girl Hannah wasn’t feeling well, and she wanted to be carried every single minute of the day, every day. So this is the story of Melissa and the birth of Hana.

 "I had been feeling very happy and secure in my role as a new mum, but then for the first time she felt stressed, unable to do anything. Our newborn daughter Hannah was asking for constant attention, so I could not put her down for a single second, not even when she was asleep, as she’d wake up again instantly. My hands were tied, and I couldn’t do anything, barely even make myself a sandwich or a drink.

Then I discovered the wrap: it was instant love for the both of us! It was not just a carrier, it was far far better than that! It felt so tremendously comfortable for me, while Hannah felt so secure and safe that she'd be calm but awake or sweetly asleep, while I had my hands and freedom back!

But then the weather got hotter, and the hotter it got, the less I could use the wrap. I fashioned one of some thin material so I could continue to keep Hannah close to me, but it wasn't the greatest, nor the prettiest option.

It was then that I discovered bamboo viscose, light, airy and beautifully soft, but at the same time strong and insulating, keeping you warm or cool - the perfect material for a baby wrap for all seasons - and the start of a journey of the birth of a different Hana: The original bamboo wrap.


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I rented one of these when my daughter was just born and afterwards decided to buy my own. I use it for shopping so I can take a trolley, it's good for going walking and I use it in the house to potter around in. My daughter likes to be up high where the action is to see what's going on which this is perfect for and it gives my arms a rest! She will also happily sleep in it once she's had a good nosey around. They are amazing and I would recommend to any mum or dad.


Great Quality sling. An essential item for family outings, leaving my hands free to deal with my 3 year old and 1 year old. Baby is snug and sleeps well when I wear him. Once you get the hang of it its easy to put on it only takes a few minutes, if you're unsure look up your nearest baby sling group/club/library they usually run 'how to wear' sessions and they will teach you how to use it or make sure you're using it right.!!

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Love this wrap, it takes a bit of practice but once you get the hang of it it's perfect.
Use it to pick my daughter up from school without having to get the pram out, and around the house when baby is being clingy, he always feels safe and secure and he seems really happy

Lisa Keegan

My baby who is 12 weeks absolutely loves this wrap/sling. He falls asleep in it immediately and I am hands free to do whatever I need to do. It was a bit of a faff to put on the first time but easy once you practise a bit. Super comfy to wear and saves my back! Would recommend!


Love this wrap. Helps me get some hands free time when my baby is sleeping. Has also helped settle them when upset as they are lovely and snug inside the wrap. Easy to put on and add little one too and comfortable to carry them. Used mainly at home or for short walks to the shop. I always carry it with me, so that I can use it if baby is getting upset in the pram and needs carrying while out & about.

Suzie Battom


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I was lucky enough to be given one of these carriers. It was really great. It had adjustable sliders for where baby sits so could make it smaller to fit my newborn and has his bottom got bigger i could slowly let this part get wider. Really well fitting over the shoulders and back and easy to adjust. Brilliant x


We have been lucky enough to trial the Hana Expand recently and absolutely loved it! I started baby carrying with a Hana stretchy wrap when my 4yr old was tiny and had been using it for my daughter. She was starting to get a bit more wriggly so the expand seemed perfect! As we’ve been walking a lot recently it’s been getting lots of use. It’s ridiculously comfy, making the baby feel so light both front and back carrying. It guarantees a nap from my little one. The sliders make it easy to adjust.
It is simple to use, making it ideal to put on quickly when being called upon by three children!
My husband has also used it and normally isn’t a fan of baby wearing but he loved it just as much as me. It is great value as it last for so long and grows with baby. We now have are own and are glad we will have it for years to come! It now one of our essentials.

Clare Mealor

We absolutely love this carrier! My son is 3.5 years old and I can easily carry him for an hour on my back, no problem at all. It’s so comfortable for both of us! I won’t go out walking without it, just in case he needs a carry! Highly recommend, it’s amazing!

Rachel smith

I’ve tried two other carriers from various brands and this is my favourite! It’s so easy to put on and adjust and it’s super comfortable. I can even sit down with it on and it’s still comfy and he’s still in the right position. It’s also easier to strap on than the other carriers I tried.
10/10 would recommend!!Add customer reviews and testimonials to showcase your store’s happy customers.


I really love this carrier. I luckily got to try it out first (but have since bought one). I was just about to purchase another brand carrier when I saw the expand from hanababy. Having loved my hanababy stretchy, I had to try it!
The sliders are really useful (especially when my 11 month old decides he wants to take his arm out) and I really like that I can keep using the carrier right up until he is 4-5 years old without needing to buy a size up (more cost effective!).
The carrier is really comfy both front and back wearing and easy to use. I was a little worried that it would be too big as I am 5ft1 and a size 6 on the top but the fit was great (admittedly it is on the tightest setting when I don’t cross over the straps but that is when wearing light summery clothing). I also really like the grey and seafoam colour as I like carriers to stand out and although I first thought the darker would be more practical, the carrier is really easy to wash. Really pleased that I bought it 


Tolle Trage!
Wir haben diverse Babytragen ausprobiert. Das Angebot ist einfach sehr groß in diesem Segment.
Für uns ist die neue Trage von Hana einfach die Beste. Der Sitzkomfort fürs Baby sowie der Tragekomfort für die Mama und den Papa sind gut. Sie ist super schnell zu verstellen, selbst wenn das Baby schon in der Trage sitzt.
Die Verarbeitung ist sehr gut und insgesamt ist es ein durchdachtes System, dabei ist die Trage funktional und hat trotzdem ein sehr schönes Design.
Klare Empfehlung!



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Night 3 with our newborn and thought we'd give this a go after a very rough sleepless 2nd night. Well what can I say, amazing!! Had to wake him up after 5 hours for a feed, he was so content, and for an exclusively breastfed baby we were in complete shock. Fabric is so soft and stretchy and not too thick at all. Will be buying in next size up. Only criticism would be that it needs a better cover for the zip at the top, bit conscious it may poke him if not tucked in properly, but overall very happy mummy and baby.


Excellent product for the swaddling baby during summer. I used to just had baby in her nappy and this. My only remark is that there is no need for that label on the neck, at the back of it. Other than that, perfect. So much so, I bought it in a bigger size and different colour afterwards.


Love this. So soft. Super daughter has slept a lot better in it.


I brought it for my granddaughter, she loves it. She finds so comfortable to sleep in. She is growing out of her others so this was perfect.


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