Why does your wrap have added cotton? Is bamboo viscose by itself not good?
Blending cotton with bamboo makes it more stable than 100% bamboo, while still maintaining all the characteristics of bamboo fabric.

Can your wraps be machine washed and tumble dried?
Yes, they can. We recommend washing them on 40 degrees Celsius and tumble dry low.

How is it possible that the Hana Baby Wrap is thinner and cooler than a regular cotton wrap, but is still as supportive?
Bamboo viscose is lighter, but stronger than cotton.

What makes the Hana Baby Wrap more comfortable than other slings and baby carriers?
Hana Baby Wrap’s design and material both contribute to its comfort. Your baby’s weight is evenly distributed over the whole back and shoulders, in contrast to many other baby carriers that have thin straps that dig into the shoulders. Bamboo fabric is more breathable and absorbent than cotton, making it very comfortable to wear.

Can I breastfeed discreetly with the Hana Baby Wrap?
Yes, breastfeeding discreetly with our wrap sling is easy, just hold your baby in your arms, and slide the head underneath one of the X-straps while feeding.

It looks very complicated to use. Will I master tying it?
Some may need to practice tying the wrap a couple of times, say 2 or 3 times, but it becomes second nature pretty quickly, just like tying a shoe lace.

How does the Hana Baby Wrap differ from other wrap carriers on the market?
Although other wrap carriers are similar in design, the main difference is the material. Most wrap carriers are made of cotton, either with or without elastane. Hana Baby Wrap is made of bamboo fabric blended with organic cotton and a touch of elastane. Having bamboo fabric as the main player, Hana Baby Wrap is much more breathable, cooler and softer than regular cotton wrap carriers, making it more comfortable. Other advantages of bamboo are that
– it is naturally antibacterial, whereas bacteria readily grow in cotton
– it is hypoallergenic
– it has a natural UV filter
– it is one of the most sustainable fabrics available, and therefore all our wraps are sustainable.

Are the fabric and dyes used toxin free?
Yes, all the fabrics and dyes used are Oeko Tex standard 100 certified, or of Blended Organic Content Standard.

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